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MindEase for VSCode: Crafted with Neurodesign, Built for You

Step into the MindEase universe—a VSCode theme meticulously designed with neurodesign principles to minimize cognitive load and eye strain. MindEase offers both dark modes (and light soon), adapting to your mood and environmental needs. It's not just a theme; it's a transformative coding experience.
My color scheme is a carefully orchestrated symphony of intention:

Feel the ease; experience the love and understanding that went into each field

  • 🌟 Tailored especially for TypeScript and Python
  • 📈 Minimal reds for general content, fine-tuned to lower stress and sharpen focus.
  • 🌙 Limited blues to protect your eyes during those deep nighttime coding journeys.
  • 🤹 Italicized elements mark every call-to-action, guiding your eyes and intentions seamlessly.
  • 🌟 Language keywords shine in bright, attention-grabbing tones, while user-defined terms reside in darker, more subdued hues.
  • 💛 Methods appear in dynamic yellows, energizing each function call.
  • 🧡 Classes harmonize in a blend of yellow and brown, giving structural solidity to your code.
  • 🩷 Types wear trust-invoking pinks, assuring you in every data transaction.
  • 💙 Constants emanate a calming and reliable blue, giving steadfastness to your fixed values.
  • 💜 Language-specific unique keywords indulge in creativity-encouraging purples, adding a layer of luxurious distinction to your code.
  • ❤️ Critical elements like 'This,' 'Null Assertion,' 'Import,' and 'Exception Handling' command attention in high-alert reds, ensuring you never overlook crucial segments of your code.
Code becomes art, and you become the artist, painting your logic on a canvas of endless possibilities.

🦉 Night Owl: Wisdom in Darkness

  • Dark Backgrounds for better focus and eye comfort.
  • Neutral Colors for logs to avoid distraction.

🌑 Dark Mode: A Starry Night

  • The Starry Night theme for VSCode provides a sleek and calming dark mode experience that's easy on the eyes while you code.
  • Created by yemreak, the theme focuses on a deep black background highlighted by muted colors to make sure the code stands out without being glaring.

🌚 CosmicCrisp: Brilliance in High Contrast

  • CosmicCrisp is a dark VSCode theme designed by yemreak
  • Aimed to provide an eye-pleasing, high-contrast experience for coding aficionados.
  • It marries darker shades with subtle yet effective colors to create a well-rounded look and feel

🎨 Color Palette


🧠 Neurodesign Principles

Via ChatGPT-4 🤖

🎨 Psychological Effects of Colors


🤔 Cognitive Load and Color

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